Track suit, lace my running shoes,

Gotta get myself together.

Get my muscles on the move,

And go to brave the weather.

I've seen my dreams put down, but I'm aiming for that gold.

One shot at the big time before I find myself too old.


    I’m a runner  I’m a runner  I’m a runner      I’m a runner


Cold wind biting at my face,

Gotta find the strength from somewhere,

Push my body all the way,

When the time comes I'll be there.

Still got a lot to do, but I'm trying to make the grade,

Five thousand's a long way, you make a killing or you fade.


  I’m a runner    ………………………………………


I put my body and mind on the rack

I'm burning up at the end of the track

It's getting harder as years go by,

But I'm a failure if I don't try.


Ask me why I carry on,

I'll give you one good reason.

I just know I was born to run,

I come alive with every track season.

Fat cat with your famous brand,

stay the course and sponsor me

You'll see your money back with a gold medal guarantee.


         I’m a runner ............................................................



Composer, Songwriter, Singer, Photographer



Rain's falling, feel I'm gonna drown

Wind's blowing, trying to cut me down

I know it finished more than an hour ago

And even though my body don't wanna know

I gotta push myself I just cannot give way

Don't wanna hear nobody

say he won't make it any way


Cos I'm a marathon man doin' what I can

I'm trying to get around in a good time

I'm a marathon man that's what I am

Nothing else could matter anymore

'til I make my time


I feel crazy, the heat could make me die

Chest's burning, enough to make me cry

There's still an hour or more 'til I reach the end

And round the bend a hill's still left to climb

I gotta drag my body on for five more miles

I'll take it easy for a while

then finish it in style


Chorus:   Cos I'm a marathon man ….........

All week in the office,

quick lunches and drinks at five

Come Saturday morning

my body wants to come alive


Chorus:     Cos I'm a marathon man..........



Music & Lyrics by Stephen Gold  

Stephen's music career began as a founder of and singer with the UK band 'The Lower Third'.  When he decided to leave the band and develop his solo career his place as lead singer was taken by a young David Bowie.       

UNPARALLEL CAREERS Stephen’s memoire covers these early days and many other adventures in the world of entertainment Stephen has also been a prolific songwriter in various styles including rock and pop singles, children's songs and a major stage show 'Alice The Musical'

He has now turned this into a charming little book entitled


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